Unparalleled Style.

Medici was formed in 1989 out of a desire to provide customers with high-end and innovative decorative tiles and mosaics. Family owned and operated, the founder utilizes his background in architecture and his manufacturing expertise to continue to push the limits of design and product engineering. Medici encompasses many different elements, from love of the environment, to design innovation. The ongoing search for unique materials and surface textures has allowed Medici to set itself apart in the commercial and residential businesses for the past seven years. Materials include glass, metal, marble, shell, limestone, slate, and many others, which are used to create decorative mosaics and field tiles.
Always staying true to the basic belief that quality versus quantity should remain supreme, the company has expanded to include five US operations, three facilities in Turkey, and offices in London, England, Florence, Italy, and Foshan, China. Each location is an integral part of the core business and each allows Medici manufacturing flexibility and exposure to our customers.

Medici’s commitment to green starts at the manufacturing level. We strive to be a leader in the industry in support of our environment and serve as a role model for other companies to follow. Our Ankara glass facility has state-of-the-art equipment, eliminating waste and recycling all of the water used in the manufacturing process. The heat generated by our kilns is used to heat our water and the corporate offices, limiting our demand for additional energy sources. Responsible innovation is a company goal as we grow and continue to supply beautiful tiles to all of our customers.