All Roma Baths components and tubing are solid brass, far superior to “white metal”, aluminum, or steel which are prone to oxidation and rust. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is the perfect base metal to receive lustrous chrome and nickel plating. While more expensive than many other metals, brass has historically been the ideal choice for achieving exceptional surface finish and detail.

Recommended Usage

Residential bathrooms


Commercial Bathrooms


Technical Specs and Requirements

  • Install per industry standards for stone tile
  • Recommended to seal tile and grout for ease of maintenance, especially in wet areas or where grout may come into contact with staining agents

Technical Specifications

Vanity Leg Material – console in satin nickel with optional front riser
Vanity Top - Brushed Absolute Black Granite

Base Dimensions

Single h=32" L=32" D=22"

Double h=32" L=68" D=22"
Top Dimension

Single  24" x 40" x1-3/4"

Double 24"x76"x1-3/4"

Wash Basin stand Options

Colors – Nickel, Chrome, Brass, Bronze
Finishes – Polished & Brushed
Tubing Diameter – 1" & 1-1/2"
Accessories – Custom
Mirror and Lighting – Custom

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